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Public Schools in Arkansas

Our database includes records of 1165 public schools in Arkansas. Focus your search to a particular Arkansas public school system or click a name from the below list to view location details or choose to narrow the below list to schools in a specific Arkansas city.

Name City
Alma Intermediate School Alma
Alma High School Alma
Alma Middle School Alma
Alma Primary School Alma
Alpena Elementary School Alpena
Alpena High School Alpena
Martin Elementary School Altheimer
Altheimer-sherrill High School Altheimer
Altus-denning Elem. School Altus
Altus-denning High School Altus
Amity Elementary School Amity
Centerpoint High School Amity
Arkadelphia High School Arkadelphia
Central Primary School Arkadelphia
Goza Middle School Arkadelphia
Peake Elementary School Arkadelphia
Louisa Perritt Primary Arkadelphia
Arkansas City Elem. School Arkansas City
Arkansas City High School Arkansas City
Armorel Elementary School Armorel
Armorel High School Armorel
Ashdown High School Ashdown
L.f. Henderson Interm. Sch. Ashdown
C. D. Franks Elementary School Ashdown
Ashdown Junior High School Ashdown
Margaret Daniels Primary Ashdown
Atkins Elementary School Atkins
Atkins High School Atkins
Atkins Middle School Atkins
Augusta High School Augusta
Augusta Elementary School Augusta
Asu Area Vocational Center Bald Knob
H.l. Lubker Elementary School Bald Knob
Bald Knob High School Bald Knob
Bald Knob Middle School Bald Knob
Barling Elementary School Barling
Barton Elementary School Barton
Barton High School Barton
Batesville Junior High School Batesville
Batesville High School Batesville
Central Elementary School Batesville
Kindergarten Center Batesville
West Elementary School Batesville
Eagle Mountain Elem School Batesville
Batesville Middle School Batesville
Southside Middle School Batesville
Southside Elementary School Batesville
Southside High School Batesville
Bauxite High School Bauxite
Pine Haven Elementary School Bauxite
Bay Elementary School Bay
Bay High School Bay
Bearden Elementary School Bearden
Bearden High School Bearden
Bearden Middle School Bearden
South Side Elementary School Bee Branch
South Side High School Bee Branch
Beebe Elementary School Beebe
Beebe Junior High School Beebe
Beebe High School Beebe
Beebe Middle School Beebe
Beebe Primary Beebe
Beebe Intermediate Beebe
Western Yell Co. Elem. School Belleville
Angie Grant Elementary School Benton
Benton High School Benton
Caldwell Elementary School Benton
Benton Junior High School Benton
Perrin Elementary School Benton
Ringgold Elementary School Benton
Benton Middle School Benton
Harmony Grove High School Benton
Westbrook Elementary School Benton
Harmony Grove Middle School Benton
Bentonville High School Bentonville
Washington Junior High School Bentonville
R.e. Baker Elementary School Bentonville
Thomas Jefferson Elem. School Bentonville
Spring Hill Middle School Bentonville
Elm Tree Elementary School Bentonville
Lincoln Junior High School Bentonville
Old High Middle School Bentonville
Sugar Creek Elementary School Bentonville
Apple Glen Elementary School Bentonville
Bergman Elementary School Bergman
Bergman High School Bergman
Berryville Elementary School Berryville
Berryville High School Berryville
Berryville Middle School Berryville
Anne Watson Elementary School Bigelow
Bigelow High School Bigelow
Biggers-reyno High School Biggers
Bismarck Elementary School Bismarck
Bismarck High School Bismarck
Bismarck Middle School Bismarck
Black Rock Elementary School Black Rock
Black Rock High School Black Rock
Blevins Elementary School Blevins
Blevins High School Blevins
Blytheville High School Blytheville
Central Elementary School Blytheville
Blytheville Intermediate Sch Blytheville
Fairview Kindergarten Center Blytheville
Franklin Primary School Blytheville
Blytheville Charter School Blytheville
Blytheville Middle School Blytheville
A. R. Hederick Elem. School Booneville
Booneville High School Booneville
Booneville Middle School Booneville
Bradford Elementary School Bradford
Bradford High School Bradford
Bradley Elementary School Bradley
Bradley High School Bradley
County Line Elementary School Branch
County Line High School Branch
Fourche Valley Elem. School Briggsville
Fourche Valley High School Briggsville
Brinkley High School Brinkley
C.b. Partee Elementary School Brinkley
Izard Co. Cons. Elem. School Brockwell
Izard Co. Cons. High School Brockwell
Brookland Elementary School Brookland
Brookland High School Brookland
Bryant High School Bryant
Bryant Junior High School Bryant
Bryant Elementary School Bryant
Salem Elementary School Bryant
Collegeville Elementary School Bryant
Robert L. Davis Elem. School Bryant
Springhill Elementary School Bryant
Bryant Middle School Bryant
Cabot High School Cabot
Eastside Elementary School Cabot
Magness Creek Elementary Cabot
Cabot Middle School South Cabot
Cabot Junior High North Cabot
Cabot Middle School North Cabot
Westside Elementary School Cabot
Cabot Junior High School Cabot
Southside Elementary School Cabot
Northside Elementary School Cabot
Central Elementary School Cabot
Caldwell Elementary School Caldwell
Calico Rock Elementary School Calico Rock
Calico Rock High School Calico Rock
Fairview Elementary School Camden
Camden Fairview High School Camden
Alternative Learning Center Camden
Ivory Primary School Camden
Camden Fairview Intermediate Camden
Camden Fairview Middle School Camden
Harmony Grove Elem. School Camden
Harmony Grove High School Camden
Sau Tech Career Academy Camden
Riverside East Elem. School Caraway
Riverside Jr. High School Caraway
Carlisle Elementary School Carlisle
Carlisle High School Carlisle
Carthage Elementary School Carthage
Carthage High School Carthage
Perry-casa Elementary School Casa
Perry-casa High School Casa
Cave City Elementary School Cave City
Cave City High School Cave City
Cedarville Elementary School Cedarville
Cedarville High School Cedarville
Cedarville Middle School Cedarville
Nemo Vista Elementary School Center Ridge
Nemo Vista High School Center Ridge
Charleston Elementary School Charleston
Charleston High School Charleston
Cord-charlotte Elem. School Charlotte
Cord-charlotte High School Charlotte
Cherry Valley Elem. School Cherry Valley
Cross County High School Cherry Valley
Chidester Elementary School Chidester
Clarendon Elementary School Clarendon
Clarendon High School Clarendon
Kraus Middle School Clarksville
Clarksville High School Clarksville
Clarksville Junior High School Clarksville
Pyron Elementary School Clarksville
Clarksville Primary School Clarksville
Alread Elementary School Clinton
Alread High School Clinton
Cowsert Elementary School Clinton
Clinton High School Clinton
Clinton Jr. High School Clinton
Clinton Intermediate School Clinton
Westside High School Coal Hill
College Station Elem. School College Station
Concord Elementary School Concord
Concord High School Concord
Focus Learning Academy Conway
Theodore Jones Elem. School Conway
Jim Stone Elementary School Conway
Conway High East Conway
Carl Stuart Middle School Conway
Conway High West Conway
Ellen Smith Elementary School Conway

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If you're not looking for a school in Arkansas, or if you've arrived at this page by error, we encourage you find a public school by selecting other criteria. Begin your research from the public schools homepage where you'll have the opportunity to easily navigate a list of over 95,000 institutions by selecting criteria such as name or location.

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