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Education HQ Site Information

Education HQ is a one-stop resource for educational and career research. We provide unbiased information on over 150,000 institutions ranging from public elementary and middle schools to private colleges and universities. Most of the profiles featured on this site are built from government-collected data while some is provided using internally generated forms and databases.

We strive to provide the most accurate representations of the institutions we feature. Though our efforts to this end are continuous, due to the dynamic nature of the education industry sometimes we do make mistakes. In the event that you know of or represent an institution that is misrepresented by Education HQ, we ask that you contact us with your feedback. When doing so, please provide the URL in question or the institution key so that we can efficiently update any and all information necessary in order to provide an accurate profile.

Please note that, in most cases, Education HQ is not directly related to the schools, colleges, universities, and libraries we profile. We ask, therefor, that you direct any institution-specific questions through the contact channels indicated on the respective Education HQ profile page or the institution's own website if available.

If you are unable to find the information you're seeking on our website, we encourage you to visit the sites listed on our page of related resources. These sites have been visited by Education HQ editors and, at the time they were reviewed, were found to offer significant content related to education and the mission of our own website.

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