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Public Schools in Bradenton, FL

Our database includes records of 55 public schools in Bradenton, Florida. Click a name from the below list to view location details.

School Name
A. Lee Middle School
Ballard Elementary School
Bayshore Elementary School
Bayshore High School
Blanche H. Daughtrey Elementary
Braden River Elementary School
Braden River Middle School
Carlos E. Haile Middle School
Center Academy
Children's Haven
Community High School
County Superintendent's Office
Early Intervention
Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch
Frances Wakeland Elementary School
Freedom Elementary School
Gene Witt Elementary School
Gilbert W. Mcneal Elem School
Gulf Coast Marine Institute
H. S. Moody Elementary School
Head Start Of Manatee County
Horizons Academy
Hospital Homebound Instruction
Ida M. Stewart Elementary School
Jessie P. Miller Elementary School
Juvenile Detention Center
Lakewood Ranch Senior High
Louise R. Johnson Middle School
Manasota Arc
Manatee Adolescence Treatment
Manatee Elementary School
Manatee Glens
Manatee Glens Adolescent Center
Manatee High School
Manatee School Of Arts/sciences
Manatee Technical Institute
Martha B. King Middle School
Oneco Elementary School
Orange Ridge-bullock Elementary
Pal Academy Charter Middle Sch
Pal Opportunity Charter School
Palma Sola Elementary School
Practical & Cultural Education-pace
Prek Handicapped
Ramsay Youth Services
Richard Milburn Academy
Robert H. Prine Elementary School
Rowlett Elementary School
Samoset Elementary School
Sara Scott Harllee Middle School
Sea Breeze Elementary School
Southeast High School
Tara Elementary School
W. D. Sugg Middle School
William H. Bashaw Elementary

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