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Public Schools in New Mexico

Our database includes records of 828 public schools in New Mexico. Focus your search to a particular New Mexico public school system or click a name from the below list to view location details or choose to narrow the below list to schools in a specific New Mexico city.

Name City
Alamogordo High Alamogordo
Buena Vista Elem Alamogordo
Chaparral Jr High Alamogordo
Heights Elem Alamogordo
High Rolls Elem Alamogordo
Holloman Primary Alamogordo
Holloman Middle Alamogordo
La Luz Elem Alamogordo
North Elem Alamogordo
Oregon Elem Alamogordo
Sacramento Elem Alamogordo
Sierra Elem Alamogordo
Yucca Elem Alamogordo
Holloman Intermed Alamogordo
Mt. View Middle Sch. Alamogordo
Academy Del Sol Alt. Alamogordo
Acoma Elementary Albuquerque
Adams Middle Albuquerque
Adobe Acres Elementa Albuquerque
Alameda Elementary Albuquerque
Alamosa Elementary Albuquerque
Albuquerque Evening Albuquerque
Albuquerque High Albuquerque
Alvarado Elememtary Albuquerque
Apache Elementary Albuquerque
Armijo Elementary Albuquerque
Arroyo Del Oso Elem Albuquerque
Atrisco Elementary Albuquerque
Bandelier Elementary Albuquerque
Barcelona Elementary Albuquerque
Bel-air Elementary Albuquerque
Bellehaven Elementar Albuquerque
Home Hospital Albuquerque
Carlos Rey Elem Albuquerque
Chaparral Elementary Albuquerque
Chelwood Elem Albuquerque
Cibola High Albuquerque
Petroglyph Elem Albuquerque
Cochiti Elem Albuquerque
Collet Park Elem Albuquerque
Comanche Elem Albuquerque
Lew Wallace Elem Albuquerque
Del Norte High Albuquerque
Dolores Gonzales Ele Albuquerque
Macarthur Elem Albuquerque
Duranes Elem Albuquerque
E San Jose Elem Albuquerque
Eisenhower Middle Albuquerque
Eldorado High Albuquerque
Emerson Elem Albuquerque
Ernie Pyle Middle Albuquerque
Eubank Elem Albuquerque
Eugene Field Elem Albuquerque
Freedom High Albuquerque
Garfield Middle Albuquerque
Gov Bent Elementary Albuquerque
Grant Middle Albuquerque
Griegos Elem Albuquerque
Harrison Middle Albuquerque
Hawthorne Elem Albuquerque
Hayes Middle Albuquerque
Highland High Albuquerque
Hodgin Elem Albuquerque
L.b. Johnson Middle Albuquerque
Hoover Middle Albuquerque
Inez Elementary Albuquerque
Jackson Middle Albuquerque
Jefferson Middle Albuquerque
John Baker Elementar Albuquerque
Kennedy Middle Albuquerque
Kirtland Elementary Albuquerque
Kit Carson Elementar Albuquerque
La Luz Elementary Albuquerque
La Mesa Elementary Albuquerque
Lavaland Elementary Albuquerque
Longfellow Elementar Albuquerque
Los Padillas Elem Albuquerque
Lowell Elem Albuquerque
Madison Middle Albuquerque
Manzano High Albuquerque
Mark Twain Elem Albuquerque
Matheson Park Elem Albuquerque
Mc Collum Elem Albuquerque
Mission Avenue Elem Albuquerque
Mitchell Elem Albuquerque
Monte Vista Elem Albuquerque
Montezuma Elem Albuquerque
Mountain View Elem Albuquerque
Navajo Elem Albuquerque
Reginald Chavez Elem Albuquerque
Onate Elementary Albuquerque
Osuna Elem Albuquerque
Pajarito Elem Albuquerque
Polk Middle Albuquerque
Los Ranchos Elem Albuquerque
Rio Grande High Albuquerque
S. Y. Jackson Elem Albuquerque
Sandia Base Elem Albuquerque
Sandia High Albuquerque
School On Wheels Hig Albuquerque
Sierra Vista Elem Albuquerque
Sombra Del Monte Ele Albuquerque
Taft Middle Albuquerque
Taylor Middle Albuquerque
Tomasita Elem Albuquerque
Truman Middle Albuquerque
Valle Vista Elem Albuquerque
Valley High Albuquerque
Van Buren Middle Albuquerque
Washington Middle Albuquerque
West Mesa High Albuquerque
Whittier Elem Albuquerque
Wilson Middle Albuquerque
New Futures School Albuquerque
Zia Elementary Albuquerque
Zuni Elementary Albuquerque
The Family School Albuquerque
Career Enrichment Cn Albuquerque
Sierra Alternative H Albuquerque
Mc Kinley Middle Albuquerque
Hub H Humphrey Eleme Albuquerque
Cleveland Middle Albuquerque
Chamiza Elem Albuquerque
Edmund G Ross Elemen Albuquerque
Hogares Alternative Albuquerque
Dennis Chavez Elemen Albuquerque
Marie M Hughes Elem Albuquerque
Mary Ann Binford Ele Albuquerque
La Cueva High Albuquerque
Diagnostic Center Albuquerque
S. R. Marmon Element Albuquerque
Georgia O'keeffe Ele Albuquerque
Double Eagle Elem Albuquerque
Desert Ridge Middle Albuquerque
County Detention Cnt Albuquerque
Painted Sky Elem Albuquerque
South Valley Charter Albuquerque
Amy Biehl Charter H. Albuquerque
Twenty-first Century Albuquerque
Jimmy Carter Middle Albuquerque
Sw Learning Cnt. Cha Albuquerque
Learning Comm. Chart Albuquerque
Nuestros Valores Cha Albuquerque
Academy Performing A Albuquerque
R. Kennedy Charter Albuquerque
Seven-bar Elementary Albuquerque
James Monroe Middle Albuquerque
Los Puentes Charter Albuquerque
Charter Voc High Sch Albuquerque
Horizon Academy Cht. Albuquerque
New Continuation Mid Albuquerque
Vision Quest Alt Mid Albuquerque
Cess Albuquerque
Academia De Lengua Y Albuquerque
Paseo Del Monte Mid Albuquerque
Horizon Academy Nw Albuquerque
Horizon Academy West Albuquerque
La Academia De Esper Albuquerque
Bernalillo Cty Jdc Albuquerque
Algodones Elem Algodones
Amistad Charter Amistad
Moreno Valley High C Angel Fire
Animas Elem Animas
Animas High Animas
Animas Middle Animas
Santa Teresa High Anthony
Anthony Elem Anthony
La Union Elem Anthony
Gadsden Middle Anthony
Gadsden High Anthony
Loma Linda Elem Anthony
Anthony Child Dev. Anthony
Homebound/hospital Anthony
Desert Pride Academy Anthony
Berino Elementary Anthony
Anton Chico Middle Anton Chico
Marquez Elementary Anton Chico
Arrey Elem Arrey
Arroyo Del Norte El. Arroyo Seco
Artesia High Artesia
Central Elem Artesia
Hermosa Elem Artesia
Artesia Jh Artesia
Roselawn Elem Artesia
Yucca Elem Artesia
Artesia Intermediate Artesia
Grand Hts.early Chd. Artesia
Yeso Elem Artesia
Homebound/hospital Artesia
Aztec High Aztec
Cv Koogler Jr High Aztec
Mc Coy Avenue Elem Aztec
Park Avenue Elem Aztec
Rippey Elem Aztec
San Juan Jdc Aztec
Vista Nueva Alt. Hig Aztec
Tiger Learning Cnt. Aztec
Bayard Elem Bayard
Cobre High Bayard
Snell Middle Bayard

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If you're not looking for a school in New Mexico, or if you've arrived at this page by error, we encourage you find a public school by selecting other criteria. Begin your research from the public schools homepage where you'll have the opportunity to easily navigate a list of over 95,000 institutions by selecting criteria such as name or location.

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