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Public Schools in Nevada

Our database includes records of 564 public schools in Nevada. Focus your search to a particular Nevada public school system or click a name from the below list to view location details or choose to narrow the below list to schools in a specific Nevada city.

Name City
Pahranagat Valley Elem Alamo
Pahranagat Valley Hs Alamo
Pahranagat Valley Middle Alamo
Amargosa Valley Elem Amargosa Valley
Austin Elem Austin
Austin Hs Austin
Baker Elem Baker
Battle Mtn Hs Battle Mountain
Pierce, Eliza Elem Battle Mountain
Black, Mary Elem Battle Mountain
Battle Mtn Junior High Battle Mountain
Lemaire, Eleanor Elem Battle Mountain
Beatty Elem Beatty
Beatty Hs Beatty
Crescent Valley Elem Beowawe
Blue Diamond Elem Blue Diamond
Mitchell, Andrew Elem Boulder City
Boulder City Hs Boulder City
Garrett, Elton Midsch Boulder City
King, Martha Elem Boulder City
Bowler, Joseph Elem Bunkerville
Caliente Elem Caliente
Bastian, C. O. Hs Caliente
Carlin Elem Carlin
Carlin Hs Carlin
Mark Twain Elem Carson City
Carson Hs Carson City
Carson Midsch Carson City
Seeliger Elem Carson City
Gleason Center Carson City
Fremont, John C. Elem Carson City
Fritsch, Edith W. Elem Carson City
Bordewich/bray Elem Carson City
Eagle Valley Midsch Carson City
Empire Elem Carson City
Pioneer Hs - Alt Ed Carson City
Dayton Elem Dayton
Dayton Hs Dayton
Dayton Intermediate Dayton
Sutro Elem Dayton
Denio Elem Denio
Duckwater Elem Duckwater
Dyer Elem Dyer
Norman, David Elem East Ely
Elko Grammar #2 Elko
Elko Hs Elko
Northside Elem Elko
Southside Elem Elko
Elko Jhs Elko
Spring Creek Hs Elko
Mountain View Elem Elko
Spring Creek Elem Elko
Sage Elem Elko
Elko Early Childhood Prog Elko
Spring Creek Midsch Elko
Independence Hs Elko
White Pine Midsch Ely
White Pine Hs Ely
Steptoe Valley Hs Ely
Steptoe Valley Adult Ed Ely
Eureka Elem Eureka
Eureka Hs Eureka
Churchill Co Hs Fallon
Cottage Elem Fallon
Churchill Co Jhs Fallon
Best, E. C. Elem Fallon
Northside Elem Fallon
West End Elem Fallon
Lahontan Elem Fallon
Homebound Fallon
Numa Elem Fallon
Gateways To Success Charter Fallon
Fernley Elem Fernley
Fernley Hs Fernley
Fernley Intermed Sch Fernley
Cottonwood Elem Fernley
Gabbs Elem Gabbs
Gabbs Hs Gabbs
Carson Valley Midsch Gardnerville
Gardnerville Elem Gardnerville
Meneley, C. C. Elem Gardnerville
Scarselli, Gene Elem Gardnerville
Pau-wa-lu Midsch Gardnerville
Alt Suspension School Gardnerville
Johnson, Ernest Elem Gerlach
Gerlach Hs Gerlach
Goldfield Elem Goldfield
Goodsprings Elem Goodsprings
Hawthorne Primary Hawthorne
Mina Elem Hawthorne
Mineral Co Hs Hawthorne
Hawthorne Elem Jhs Hawthorne
Mineral Co Alt Education Hawthorne
Basic Hs Henderson
Sewell, Chester Elem Henderson
Mccaw, Gordan Elem Henderson
Bartlett, Selma Elem Henderson
Burkholder Midsch Henderson
Thorpe, Jim Elem Henderson
Taylor, Robert Elem Henderson
White, Thurman Midsch Henderson
Newton, Ulis Elem Henderson
Galloway, Faye Elem Henderson
Mack, Nate Elem Henderson
Brown, B Mahlon Midsch Henderson
Hinman, Edna Elem Henderson
Mcdoniel, Estes Elem Henderson
Dooley, John Elem Henderson
Gibson, James Elem Henderson
Cox, David Elem Henderson
Treem, Harriet Elem Henderson
Greenspun Midsch Henderson
Green Valley Hs Henderson
Roberts, Aggie Elem Henderson
Vanderburg Elem Henderson
Cartwright Elem Henderson
Morrow, Sue Elem Henderson
Com College South Hs Henderson
Lamping, Frank Elem Henderson
Kesterson, Lorna Elem Henderson
Cowan - Sunset So Hs Henderson
Foothill Hs Henderson
Miller, Bob Midsch Henderson
Twitchel, Neil Elem Henderson
Coronado Hs Henderson
Walker Elem Henderson
Imlay Elem Imlay
Incline Elem Incline Village
Incline Hs Incline Village
Incline Midsch Incline Village
Indian Springs Elem Indian Springs
Indian Springs Hs Indian Springs
Indian Springs Midsch Indian Springs
Jackpot Elem Jackpot
Jackpot Hs Jackpot
Sandy Valley Midsch Jean
Sandy Valley Elem Jean
Mound Valley Elem Jiggs
Ronzone, Bertha Elem Las Vegas
Tomiyasu, Bill Elem Las Vegas
Bonanza Hs Las Vegas
Ronnow, C C Elem Las Vegas
Woodbury, C. W. Midsch Las Vegas
Chaparral Hs Las Vegas
Child Haven Las Vegas
Decker, Clarabelle Elem Las Vegas
Crestwood Elem Las Vegas
Wengert, Cyril Elem Las Vegas
Robison, Dell Midsch Las Vegas
French, Doris Elem Las Vegas
Hancock, Doris Elem Las Vegas
Griffith, E W Elem Las Vegas
Von Tobel, Ed Midsch Las Vegas
Clark, Ed Hs Las Vegas
Edwards, Elbert Elem Las Vegas
Eldorado Hs Las Vegas
Garside, Frank Midsch Las Vegas
Ward, Gene Elem Las Vegas
Harris, George Elem Las Vegas
Hewetson, Halle Elem Las Vegas
Harmon, Harley Elem Las Vegas
Dondero, Harvey Elem Las Vegas
Cannon, Helen Midsch Las Vegas
Stewart, Helen Sch Las Vegas
Smith, Helen Elem Las Vegas
Wasden, Howard Elem Las Vegas
Hyde Park Midsch Las Vegas
Earl, Ira Elem Las Vegas
Manch, J. E. Elem Las Vegas
Brinley Midsch Las Vegas
Ullom, Jim Elem Las Vegas
Mcwilliams, J T Elem Las Vegas
Cashman, James Midsch Las Vegas
Fremont, John Midsch Las Vegas
Bendorf, Patricia Elem Las Vegas
Park, John Elem Las Vegas
Knudson, K O Midsch Las Vegas
Booker, Kermit Elem Las Vegas
Carson, Kit Elem Las Vegas
Las Vegas Hs Las Vegas
Dearing, Laura Elem Las Vegas
Rowe, Lewis Elem Las Vegas
Heard, Lomie Elem Las Vegas
Hoggard, Mabel Elem Las Vegas
Williams, Wendall Elem Las Vegas
Kelly, Matt Elem Las Vegas
Mountain View Elem Las Vegas
Tate, Myrtle Elem Las Vegas
Adcock, O. K. Elem Las Vegas
Paradise Elem Las Vegas
Diskin, Pat Elem Las Vegas
Culley, Paul Elem Las Vegas
Red Rock Elem Las Vegas
Bell, Rex Elem Las Vegas
Lake, Robert Elem Las Vegas
Gibson, Robert Midsch Las Vegas
Warren, Rose Elem Las Vegas
Martin, Roy Midsch Las Vegas
Thomas, Ruby Elem Las Vegas
Fyfe, Ruth Elem Las Vegas

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If you're not looking for a school in Nevada, or if you've arrived at this page by error, we encourage you find a public school by selecting other criteria. Begin your research from the public schools homepage where you'll have the opportunity to easily navigate a list of over 95,000 institutions by selecting criteria such as name or location.

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