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Public Schools in Oklahoma

Our database includes records of 1831 public schools in Oklahoma. Focus your search to a particular Oklahoma public school system or click a name from the below list to view location details or choose to narrow the below list to schools in a specific Oklahoma city.

Name City
Achille Es Achille
Achille Hs Achille
Yuba Es Achille
Ada Hs Ada
Glenwood Ec Ada
Hayes Es Ada
Washington Es Ada
Willard Es Ada
Ada Jhs Ada
Byng Es Ada
Homer Es Ada
Francis Es Ada
Byng Jhs Ada
Byng Hs Ada
Latta Es Ada
Latta Hs Ada
Latta Jhs Ada
Pickett-center Es Ada
Vanoss Es Ada
Vanoss Hs Ada
Adair Hs Adair
Adair Ms Adair
Bernita Hughes Es Adair
Afton Es Afton
Afton Hs Afton
Cleora Es Afton
Agra Es Agra
Agra Hs Agra
Albion Es Albion
Alex Es Alex
Alex Jr-sr Hs (jr) Alex
Alex Jr-sr Hs (sr) Alex
Aline-cleo Hs Aline
Allen Es Allen
Allen Hs Allen
Altus Hs Altus
Eugene Field Es Altus
Rivers Es Altus
Altus Ms Altus
Roosevelt Es Altus
Altus Jhs Altus
Sunset Es Altus
Washington Es Altus
Will Rogers Es Altus
Navajo Es Altus
Navajo Hs Altus
Navajo Jhs Altus
Alva Ms Alva
Alva Hs Alva
Lincoln Es Alva
Longfellow Es Alva
Washington Es Alva
Amber-pocasset Es Amber
Amber-pocasset Jhs Amber
Amber-pocasset Hs Amber
Anadarko Hs Anadarko
Anadarko East Es Anadarko
Sunset Es Anadarko
Mission Es Anadarko
Anadarko Ms Anadarko
Antlers Hs Antlers
Brantly Es Antlers
Obuch Ms Antlers
Vegher Ies Antlers
Apache Es Apache
Apache Ms Apache
Apache Hs Apache
Arapaho Es Arapaho
Arapaho Hs Arapaho
Charles Evans Es Ardmore
Franklin Es Ardmore
Jefferson Es Ardmore
Lincoln Es Ardmore
Will Rogers Es Ardmore
Ardmore Ms Ardmore
Ardmore Hs Ardmore
Dickson Es Ardmore
Dickson Hs Ardmore
Dickson Jhs Ardmore
Dickson Upper Es Ardmore
Plainview Primary Es Ardmore
Plainview Hs Ardmore
Plainview Ms Ardmore
Plainview Ies Ardmore
Singleton Es Arkoma
Arkoma Jhs Arkoma
Arkoma Hs Arkoma
Arnett Es Arnett
Arnett Hs Arnett
Asher Es Asher
Asher Hs Asher
Atoka Hs Atoka
Mccall Ms Atoka
Atoka Es Atoka
Farris Es Atoka
Harmony Es Atoka
Tushka Es Atoka
Tushka Hs Atoka
Avant Es Avant
Balko Es Balko
Balko Hs Balko
Barnsdall Es Barnsdall
Barnsdall Jhs Barnsdall
Barnsdall Hs Barnsdall
Richard Kane Es Bartlesville
Hoover Es Bartlesville
Jane Phillips Es Bartlesville
Oak Park Es Bartlesville
Ranch Heights Es Bartlesville
Wayside Es Bartlesville
Woodrow Wilson Es Bartlesville
Central Ms Bartlesville
Madison Ms Bartlesville
Bartlesville Hs Bartlesville
Bartlesville Mhs Bartlesville
Alternative Hs Bartlesville
Osage Hills Es Bartlesville
Battiest Es Battiest
Battiest Hs Battiest
Beaver Es Beaver
Beaver Hs Beaver
Beggs Es Beggs
Beggs Hs Beggs
Beggs Ms Beggs
Bennington Es Bennington
Bennington Hs Bennington
Bethany Hs Bethany
Earl Harris Es Bethany
Children's Ctr Bethany
Bethany Ms Bethany
Western Oaks Ms Bethany
Apollo Es Bethany
Lake Park Es Bethany
Overholser Es Bethany
Western Oaks Es Bethany
Alternative Ctr Bethany
Billings Es Billings
Billings Hs Billings
Binger-oney Es Binger
Binger-oney Hs Binger
Central Es Bixby
Bixby Hs Bixby
Bixby Ms Bixby
Bixby North Es Bixby
Brassfield 5th & 6th Grade Ctr Bixby
Blackwell Hs Blackwell
Blackwell Ms Blackwell
Huston Ctr Es Blackwell
Parkside Ctr Es Blackwell
Washington Ctr Es Blackwell
Blair Es Blair
Blair Hs Blair
Blanchard Es Blanchard
Blanchard Hs Blanchard
Blanchard Ms Blanchard
Bridge Creek Ms Blanchard
Bridge Creek Es Blanchard
Bridge Creek Hs Blanchard
Middleberg Es Blanchard
Bluejacket Es Bluejacket
Bluejacket Hs Bluejacket
Bluejacket Ms Bluejacket
Boise City Es Boise City
Boise City Hs Boise City
Rock Creek Hs Bokchito
Bokoshe Es Bokoshe
Bokoshe Jhs Bokoshe
Bokoshe Hs Bokoshe
Boley Es Boley
Boley Hs Boley
Boswell Es Boswell
Boswell Jhs Boswell
Boswell Ms Boswell
Boswell Hs Boswell
Bowlegs Es Bowlegs
Bowlegs Hs Bowlegs
Boynton Es Boynton
Boynton Hs Boynton
Braggs Es Braggs
Braggs Hs Braggs
Braman Es Braman
Braman Hs Braman
Bristow Hs Bristow
Edison Es Bristow
Collins Es Bristow
Bristow Ms Bristow
Arrowhead Es Broken Arrow
Broken Arrow Hs Broken Arrow
Broken Arrow South Ihs Broken Arrow
Centennial Ms Broken Arrow
Rhoades Es Broken Arrow
Oak Crest Es Broken Arrow
Sequoyah Ms Broken Arrow
Southside Es Broken Arrow
Vandever Es Broken Arrow
Country Lane Es Broken Arrow
Haskell Ms Broken Arrow
Lynn Wood Es Broken Arrow
Oliver Ms Broken Arrow
Indian Springs Es Broken Arrow

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