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Public Schools in Florence, SC

Our database includes records of 19 public schools in Florence, South Carolina. Click a name from the below list to view location details.

School Name
Briggs Elementary School
Carver Elementary School
Choices School
Delmae Heights Elementary
Florence Career Center
Greenwood Elementary
Henry L. Sneed Middle School
Henry Timrod Elementary School
Mclaurin Elementary
Moore Intermediate School
North Vista Elementary
Royall Elementary School
South Florence High
Southside Middle
Theodore Lester Elementary School
Wallace Gregg Elementary
West Florence High School
Williams Middle School
Wilson Senior High School

If you're not looking for a school in Florence, South Carolina, or if you've arrived at this page by error, we encourage you find a public school by selecting other criteria. Find a school in a South Carolina location other than Florence by visiting the South Carolina search page or begin your research from the public schools homepage where you'll have the opportunity to easily navigate a list of over 95,000 institutions by selecting criteria such as name or location.

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