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Public Schools in Utah

Our database includes records of 898 public schools in Utah. Focus your search to a particular Utah public school system or click a name from the below list to view location details or choose to narrow the below list to schools in a specific Utah city.

Name City
Alpine Elem Sch Alpine
Westfield Elem Sch Alpine
Timberline Middle Alpine
Altamont High Altamont
Altamont Elem Sch Altamont
American Fork High American Fork
American Fork Jr High American Fork
Barratt Elem Sch American Fork
Forbes Elem Sch American Fork
Greenwood Elem Sch American Fork
Dan W Peterson School American Fork
Shelley Elem Sch American Fork
Legacy Elem Sch American Fork
Summit High (yic) American Fork
Summit At Risk High (yic) American Fork
Served By Appt (sp Ed) American Fork
Antimony Elem Sch Antimony
Century Elem Sch Bear River City
Beaver High Beaver
Belknap Elem Sch Beaver
Escalante Valley Elem Sch Beryl
Wayne High Bicknell
Wayne Middle Bicknell
Big Water Elem Sch Big Water
Big Water High Big Water
Albert R Lyman Middle Blanding
Blanding Elem Sch Blanding
San Juan High Blanding
Bluff Elem Sch Bluff
Bluffdale Elem Sch Bluffdale
Boulder Elem Sch Boulder
Adelaide Elem Sch Bountiful
Boulton Elem Sch Bountiful
Bountiful High Bountiful
Bountiful Jr High Bountiful
Bountiful Elem Sch Bountiful
Holbrook Elem Sch Bountiful
Leo J Muir Elem Sch Bountiful
Meadowbrook Elem Sch Bountiful
Millcreek Jr High Bountiful
Oak Hills Elem Sch Bountiful
South Davis Jr High Bountiful
Tolman Elem Sch Bountiful
Valley View Elem Sch Bountiful
Viewmont High Bountiful
Washington Elem Sch Bountiful
Mueller Park Jr High Bountiful
3-6 Prog (bntfl High) Bountiful
St Olaf - Private (rec Serv In Pub Sch) Bountiful
Box Elder High Brigham City
Box Elder Middle Brigham City
Bunderson Elem Sch Brigham City
Foothill Elem Sch Brigham City
Lake View Elem Sch Brigham City
Mountain View Elem Sch Brigham City
Discovery Elem Sch Brigham City
Adele C Young Inter Brigham City
Lincoln Center Brigham City
Dale Young Community High Brigham City
Youth Track (yic) Brigham City
Triumph Youth Ctr (yic) Brigham City
Castle Dale Elem Sch Castle Dale
Emery County High Castle Dale
Cedar City High Cedar City
Cedar City Middle Cedar City
Cedar North Elem Sch Cedar City
Cedar South Elem Sch Cedar City
Cross Hollows Inter Cedar City
Canyon View High Cedar City
Fiddlers Canyon Elem Sch Cedar City
Southwest Educ Acad Cedar City
Foothill High Cedar City
Foothill High-detention Cedar City
Cedar East Elem Sch Cedar Cty
Cedar Valley Elem Sch Cedar Fort
Cedar Ridge Elem Sch Cedar Hills
Deerfield Elem Sch Cedar Hills
Centerville Jr High Centerville
Centerville Elem Sch Centerville
J A Taylor Elem Sch Centerville
Stewart Elem Sch Centerville
Reading Elem Sch Centerville
Circleville Elem Sch Circleville
Clearfield High Clearfield
Hill Field Elem Sch Clearfield
North Davis Jr High Clearfield
South Clearfield Elem Sch Clearfield
Wasatch Elem Sch Clearfield
Clearfield Job Corps Clearfield
Arrow Acad (yic) Clearfield
Holt Elem Sch Clearfield
Antelope Elem Sch Clearfield
3-6 Prog (clrfld High) Clearfield
Cleveland Elem Sch Cleveland
Clinton Elem Sch Clinton
West Clinton Elem Sch Clinton
North Summit High Coalville
North Summit Elem Sch Coalville
North Summit Middle Coalville
Corinne Elem Sch Corinne
Cba Center Delta
Delta High Delta
Delta Middle Delta
Delta North Elem Sch Delta
Delta South Elem Sch Delta
American Prep Acad Draper
Draper Elem Sch Draper
Oak Hollow Elem Sch Draper
Genesis (yic) Draper
Duchesne High Duchesne
Duchesne Elem Sch Duchesne
Dugway High Dugway
Dugway Elem Sch Dugway
Flaming Gorge Elem Sch Dutch John
The Ranches Acad, Inc Eagle Mountain
Pony Express Elem Sch Eagle Mt
East Layton Elem Sch East Layton
Snowcrest Jr High Eden
Enoch Elem Sch Enoch
Enterprise High Enterprise
Enterprise Elem Sch Enterprise
Ephraim Middle Ephraim
Ephraim Elem Sch Ephraim
Escalante High Escalante
Escalante Elem Sch Escalante
Eskdale High Eskdale
Eureka Elem Sch Eureka
Tintic High Eureka
Fairview Elem Sch Fairview
Farmington Elem Sch Farmington
Eagle Bay Elem Sch Farmington
Farmington Bay Youth Ctr-sr High Farmington
Knowlton Elem Sch Farmington
Farmington Jr High Farmington
Online Elem Sch Farmington
Farmington Bay Youth Ctr-jr High Farmington
Home Instruction-elem Farmington
Home Instruction-sec Farmington
Ferron Elem Sch Ferron
San Rafael Jr High Ferron
Fielding Elem Sch Fielding
Fillmore Elem Sch Fillmore
Millard High Fillmore
Fillmore Middle Fillmore
Uintah River High Fort Duchesne
Fountain Green Elem Sch Fountain Green
Bear River High Garland
Bear River Middle Garland
Garland Elem Sch Garland
Garrison Elem Sch Garrison
Garrison Jr High Garrison
Goshen Elem Sch Goshen
Goshen Middle Goshen
Grantsville High Grantsville
Grantsville Elem Sch Grantsville
Willow Elem Sch Grantsville
Grantsville Middle Grantsville
Book Cliff Elem Sch Green River
Green River High Green River
Grouse Creek Elem Sch Grouse Creek
Grouse Creek Jr High Grouse Creek
Gunnison Valley High Gunnison
Gunnison Valley Elem Sch Gunnison
Gunnison Valley Middle Gunnison
Halls Crossing Elem Sch Halls Crossing
Hanksville Elem Sch Hanksville
Orion Jr High Harrisville
Heber Valley Elem Sch Heber City
Wasatch High Heber City
Wasatch Mt Jr High Heber City
Rocky Mountain Middle Heber City
J R Smith Elem Sch Heber City
Wasatch Alternative High Heber City
Helper Jr High Helper
Sally Mauro Elem Sch Helper
Herriman Elem Sch Herriman
Mt Ridge Jr High Highland
Lone Peak High Highland
Highland Elem Sch Highland
Freedom Elem Sch Highland
Hooper Elem Sch Hooper
Kanesville Elem Sch Hooper
Freedom Elem Sch Hooper
Howell Elem Sch Howell
Canyon View Jr High Huntington
Huntington Elem Sch Huntington
Valley Elem Sch Huntsville
Three Falls Elem Sch Hurricane
Hurricane High Hurricane
Hurricane Elem Sch Hurricane
Hurricane Middle Hurricane
Cedar Ridge Middle Hyde Park
Lincoln Elem Sch Hyrum
South Cache Cntr-jr High Hyrum
Mountain Crest High Hyrum
Ibapah Elem Sch Ibapah
Tuacahn Hs For Perform Arts Ivins
Red Mountain Elem Sch Ivins
Piute High Junction
South Summit High Kamas

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If you're not looking for a school in Utah, or if you've arrived at this page by error, we encourage you find a public school by selecting other criteria. Begin your research from the public schools homepage where you'll have the opportunity to easily navigate a list of over 95,000 institutions by selecting criteria such as name or location.

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