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Public Schools in Wyoming

Our database includes records of 392 public schools in Wyoming. Focus your search to a particular Wyoming public school system or click a name from the below list to view location details or choose to narrow the below list to schools in a specific Wyoming city.

Name City
Swift Creek Learning Center Afton
Star Valley High School Afton
Star Valley Middle School Afton
Afton Elementary Afton
Osmond Elementary Afton
Albin Elementary Albin
Albin Jr & Sr High School Albin
Alcova Elementary Alcova
Arapahoe Elementary Arapahoe
Little Snake River Valley School Baggs
Bairoil Elementary Bairoil
Riverside High School Basin
Laura Irwin Elementary Basin
Big Horn High School Big Horn
Big Horn Elementary Big Horn
Big Horn Middle School Big Horn
Big Piney High School Big Piney
Big Piney Middle School Big Piney
Big Piney Elementary Big Piney
Bondurant Elementary Bondurant
Buffalo High School Buffalo
Billy Creek Elementary Buffalo
Clear Creek Middle School Buffalo
Meadowlark Elementary Buffalo
Clear Creek Elementary Buffalo
Burlington Elementary Burlington
Burlington Junior High School Burlington
Burlington High School Burlington
Burns Jr & Sr High School Burns
West Elementary Burns
Rocky Mountain High School Byron
Byron Elementary Byron
Carpenter Elementary Carpenter
Casper Classical Academy Casper
Kelly Walsh High School Casper
Natrona County High School Casper
C Y Junior High School Casper
Dean Morgan Junior High School Casper
East Junior High School Casper
Crest Hill Elementary Casper
Fairdale Elementary Casper
Ft Casper Academy Casper
Garfield Elementary Casper
Grant Elementary Casper
Jefferson Elementary Casper
Manor Heights Elementary Casper
Mckinley Elementary Casper
Mountain View Elementary Casper
North Casper Elementary Casper
Paradise Valley Elementary Casper
Park Elementary Casper
Pineview Elementary Casper
Poison Spider Elementary Casper
Roosevelt High School Casper
Southridge Elementary Casper
University Park Elementary Casper
Westwood Elementary Casper
Willard Elementary Casper
Woods Learning Center Casper
Verda James Elementary Casper
Oregon Trail Elementary Casper
Sagewood Elementary Casper
Bar Nunn Elementary Casper
Red Creek Elementary Casper
Centennial Junior High School Casper
Centennial Elementary Centennial
Attention Homes Inc Cheyenne
Central High School Cheyenne
East High School Cheyenne
Triumph High School Cheyenne
Carey Junior High School Cheyenne
Johnson Junior High School Cheyenne
Mccormick Junior High School Cheyenne
Alta Vista Elementary Cheyenne
Arp Elementary Cheyenne
Baggs Elementary Cheyenne
Bain Elementary Cheyenne
Buffalo Ridge Elementary Cheyenne
Churchill Elementary Cheyenne
Cole Elementary Cheyenne
Corlett Elementary Cheyenne
Davis Elementary Cheyenne
Deming Elementary Cheyenne
Dildine Elementary Cheyenne
Fairview Elementary Cheyenne
Gilchrist Elementary Cheyenne
Goins Elementary Cheyenne
Hebard Elementary Cheyenne
Henderson Elementary Cheyenne
Hobbs Elementary Cheyenne
Jessup Elementary Cheyenne
Lebhart Elementary Cheyenne
Miller Elementary Cheyenne
Pioneer Park Elementary Cheyenne
Rossman Elementary Cheyenne
Anderson Elementary Cheyenne
Afflerbach Elementary Cheyenne
Chugwater Elementary Chugwater
Chugwater High School Chugwater
Chugwater Junior High School Chugwater
Arvada-clearmont High School Clearmont
Arvada Elementary Clearmont
Clearmont Elementary Clearmont
Arvada-clearmont Junior High Clearmont
Cody High School Cody
Eastside Elementary Cody
Glenn Livingston Elementary Cody
Cody Middle School Cody
Valley Elementary Cody
Sunset Elementary Cody
Cokeville Elementary Cokeville
Cokeville High School Cokeville
Cowley Elementary Cowley
Crowheart Elementary Crowheart
Tongue River High School Dayton
Rocky Mountain Middle School Deaver
Kemmerer High School Diamondville
Kemmerer Elementary Diamondville
Burgoon Elementary Diamondville
Kemmerer Middle School Diamondville
Douglas High School Douglas
Douglas Primary School Douglas
Dry Creek Elementary Douglas
Moss Agate Elementary Douglas
Shawnee Elementary Douglas
White Elementary Douglas
Douglas Intermediate School Douglas
Douglas Middle School Douglas
Dubois High School Dubois
Dubois Elementary & Middle School Dubois
Elk Mountain Elementary Elk Mountain
Encampment High School Encampment
Encampment Elementary Encampment
Encampment Junior High School Encampment
Wyoming Indian Elementary Ethete
Wyoming Indian Middle School Ethete
Wyoming Indian High School Ethete
Metcalf Elementary Etna
Wyoming State Hospital Evanston
Evanston High School Evanston
Davis Middle School Evanston
Clark Elementary Evanston
Uinta Meadows Elementary Evanston
North Evanston Elementary Evanston
Aspen Elementary Evanston
Evanston Middle School Evanston
Evansville Elementary Evansville
Farson-eden High School Farson
Farson-eden Elementary Farson
Farson-eden Middle School Farson
Deaver Frannie Elementary Frannie
Ft Washakie Middle School Ft Washakie
Ft Washakie Elementary Ft Washakie
Lingle-ft. Laramie Middle School Ft. Laramie
Pronghorn Elementary Gillette
Campbell County High School Gillette
Twin Spruce Junior High School Gillette
Hillcrest Elementary Gillette
Meadowlark Elementary Gillette
Lakeview Elementary Gillette
Rawhide Elementary Gillette
Wagonwheel Elementary Gillette
Stocktrail Elementary Gillette
Conestoga Elementary Gillette
Sage Valley Junior High School Gillette
Paintbrush Elementary Gillette
Sunflower Elementary Gillette
4-j Elementary School Gillette
Westwood High School Gillette
Powder River Basin Children's Center Gillette
Glendo Elementary Glendo
Glendo High School Glendo
Glendo Junior High School Glendo
Glenrock Intermediate School Glenrock
Glenrock Middle School Glenrock
Glenrock High School Glenrock
Grant Elementary Glenrock
Boxelder Elementary Glenrock
Granger Elementary Granger
Willadsen Elementary Granite Canyon
Expedition Academy Green River
Monroe Intermediate School Green River
Green River High School Green River
Monroe Middle School Green River
Harrison Elementary Green River
Washington Elementary Green River
Lincoln Middle School Green River
Jackson Elementary Green River
Truman Elementary Green River
Greybull High School Greybull
Greybull Elementary Greybull
Greybull Middle School Greybull
Guernsey-sunrise Elementary Guernsey
Guernsey-sunrise High School Guernsey
Guernsey-sunrise Junior High Guernsey
Hanna Elementary Hanna
H.e.m. Senior High Hanna
H.e.m. Junior High Hanna
Clawson Elementary Horse Creek
Hudson Elementary Hudson

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If you're not looking for a school in Wyoming, or if you've arrived at this page by error, we encourage you find a public school by selecting other criteria. Begin your research from the public schools homepage where you'll have the opportunity to easily navigate a list of over 95,000 institutions by selecting criteria such as name or location.

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