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Public Schools in South Dakota

Our database includes records of 763 public schools in South Dakota. Focus your search to a particular South Dakota public school system or click a name from the below list to view location details or choose to narrow the below list to schools in a specific South Dakota city.

Name City
Sd Sb-vi Elem Aberdeen
Sd Sb-vi Hi Sch Aberdeen
C C Lee Elem Aberdeen
Central Hi Sch Aberdeen
Holgate Middle Sch Aberdeen
Lincoln Elem Aberdeen
May Overby Elem Aberdeen
O M Tiffany Elem Aberdeen
Simmons Elem Aberdeen
Simmons Middle Sch Aberdeen
New Beginnings Aberdeen
Aberdeen Alternative Aberdeen
Hub Area Multi-district Aberdeen
Agar Hi Sch Agar
Agar Elem Agar
Alcester Elem Alcester
Alcester-hudson Hi Sch Alcester
Alcester-hudson Jr Hi Alcester
Millbrook Colony Alexandria
Hanson Hi Sch Alexandria
Hanson Middle Sch Alexandria
Oaklane Colony Alexandria
Hanson Elem Alexandria
Rockport Colony Alexandria
Alpena Elem Alpena
Alpena Hi Sch Alpena
Alpena Middle School Alpena
Arlington Elem Arlington
Arlington Hi Sch Arlington
Arlington Jr Hi Arlington
Armour Elem Armour
Armour Hi Sch Armour
Armour Middle Sch Armour
Artesian-letcher Hi Sch Artesian
Artesian Elem Artesian
Astoria Elem Astoria
Avon Elem Avon
Avon Hi Sch Avon
Avon Jr Hi Avon
Baltic Elem Baltic
Baltic Hi Sch Baltic
Baltic Middle Sch Baltic
Batesland Elem Batesland
Belle Fourche Hi Sch Belle Fourche
South Park Elem Belle Fourche
North Park Elem Belle Fourche
Belle Fourche Middle Sch Belle Fourche
Beresford Elem Beresford
Beresford Hi Sch Beresford
Beresford Jr Hi Beresford
Woodfield Center Beresford
Aspire Hi Sch Beresford
Big Stone City Elem Big Stone City
Big Stone City Jr Hi Big Stone City
Bison Elem Bison
Bison Hi Sch Bison
Union Elem Bison
Bison Jr Hi Bison
Blunt Elem Blunt
Bonesteel-fairfax Hi Sch Bonesteel
Bonesteel-fairfax Jr Hi Bonesteel
Bowdle Elem Bowdle
Bowdle Hi Sch Bowdle
Bowdle Jr Hi Bowdle
Douglas Hi Sch Box Elder
Douglas Middle Sch Box Elder
Vandenberg Elem Box Elder
Francis Case Elem Box Elder
Badger Clark/carrousel Box Elder
Douglas Preschool Box Elder
Brandon Valley Hi Sch Brandon
Brandon Valley Middle Sch Brandon
Brandon Elem Brandon
Robert Bennis Elem Brandon
Bridgewater Elem Bridgewater
Bridgewater Hi Sch Bridgewater
Bridgewater Jr Hi Bridgewater
Bristol Elem Bristol
Bristol Hi Sch Bristol
Britton-hecla Elem Britton
Britton-hecla Hi Sch Britton
Britton-hecla Jr Hi Britton
Sunset Colony Britton
Brookings Hi Sch Brookings
Gs Mickelson Middle Sch Brookings
Central Elem Brookings
Hillcrest Elem Brookings
Medary Elem Brookings
Select High Brookings
E Central Multi-district Brookings
Buffalo Elem Buffalo
Harding County Hi Sch Buffalo
Reva Elem Buffalo
Ludlow Elem Buffalo
Camp Crook Elem Buffalo
Painter Elem Buffalo
Harding County Jr Hi Buffalo
Burke Elem Burke
Burke Hi Sch Burke
Burke Middle Sch Burke
Canistota Elem Canistota
Canistota Hi Sch Canistota
Canistota Jr Hi Canistota
E O Lawrence Elem Canton
Canton Hi Sch Canton
C C Jacobson Elem Canton
Canton Middle Sch Canton
Fordham Colony Carpenter
Carthage Elem Carthage
Castlewood Elem Castlewood
Castlewood Hi Sch Castlewood
Castlewood Jr Hi Castlewood
Claremont Colony Castlewood
Centerville Elem Centerville
Centerville Hi Sch Centerville
Centerville Jr Hi Centerville
Chamberlain Elem Chamberlain
Chamberlain Hi Sch Chamberlain
Ola Elem Chamberlain
Chamberlain Middle Sch Chamberlain
Chester Hi Sch Chester
Chester Elem Chester
Chester Jr Hi Chester
Rustic Acres Elem Chester
Clark Elem Clark
Clark Hi Sch Clark
Clark Jr Hi Clark
Deuel Hi Sch Clear Lake
Clear Lake Elem Clear Lake
Clear Lake Middle Sch Clear Lake
Colman-egan Hi Sch Colman
Colman-egan Jr Hi Colman
Colman Elem Colman
Colome Elem Colome
Colome Hi Sch Colome
Colome Jr Hi Colome
Tri-valley Hi Sch Colton
Tri-valley Jr Hi Sch Colton
Tri-valley Elem Colton
Conde Elem Conde
Conde Hi Sch Conde
Conde Jr Hi Conde
Corsica Elem Corsica
Corsica Hi Sch Corsica
Corsica Middle Sch Corsica
Cresbard Elem Cresbard
Cresbard Hi Sch Cresbard
Cresbard Jr Hi Cresbard
Thunderbird Colony Cresbard
Evergreen Colony Cresbard
Blumengard Colony Cresbard
Star Evergreen High Sch Custer
Star Evergreen Jr Hi Custer
Custer Elem Custer
Custer Hi Sch Custer
Ace Alternative Program Custer
Custer Middle Sch Custer
Laura Ingalls Wilder Elem De Smet
De Smet Hi Sch De Smet
De Smet Middle Sch De Smet
Lead-deadwood Elem Deadwood
Dell Rapids Elem Dell Rapids
Dell Rapids Hi Sch Dell Rapids
Dell Rapids Middle Sch Dell Rapids
Delmont Elem Delmont
Greenwood Colony Delmont
Clearfield Colony Delmont
Doland Elem Doland
Doland Hi Sch Doland
Doland Jr Hi Doland
Hillside Colony Doland
Dupree Elem Dupree
Dupree Hi Sch Dupree
Dupree Jr Hi Dupree
Eagle Butte Upper Elem Eagle Butte
Eagle Butte Primary Eagle Butte
Eagle Butte Jr Hi Eagle Butte
Eagle Butte Hi Sch Eagle Butte
E A G L E Center Eagle Butte
Edgemont Elem Edgemont
Edgemont Hi Sch Edgemont
Edgemont Jr Hi Edgemont
Elk Mountain Elem Edgemont
Egan Elem Egan
Elk Point-jefferson Elem Elk Point
Elk Point-jefferson Hi Sc Elk Point
Elk Point-jefferson Jr Hi Elk Point
Elkton Elem Elkton
Elkton Hi Sch Elkton
Elkton Jr Hi Elkton
Newdale Colony Elkton
Emery Elem Emery
Emery Hi Sch Emery
Emery Middle Sch Emery
Estelline Elem Estelline
Estelline Hi Sch Estelline
Estelline Jr Hi Estelline
Ethan Elem Ethan
Ethan Hi Sch Ethan
Ethan Middle Sch Ethan

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