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Public Schools in South Dakota

Our database includes records of 763 public schools in South Dakota. Focus your search to a particular South Dakota public school system or click a name from the below list to view location details or choose to narrow the below list to schools in a specific South Dakota city.

Name City
Midland Elem Midland
Midland Hi Sch Midland
Midland Jr Hi Midland
Koch Elem Milbank
Milbank Hi Sch Milbank
Milbank Middle Sch Milbank
Miller Elem Miller
Miller Hi Sch Miller
Millerdale Colony Miller
Miller Jr Hi Miller
Todd County Hi Sch Mission
Todd County Middle Sch Mission
Resource Center Mission
North Elem Mission
South Elem Mission
James Valley Ed Co-op Mitchell
Mitchell Middle Sch Mitchell
Longfellow Elem Mitchell
Mitchell Hi Sch Mitchell
Rosedale Colony Mitchell
L B Williams Elem Mitchell
Gertie Belle Rogers Elem Mitchell
Second Chance Alternative Mitchell
Mobridge Hi Sch Mobridge
Mobridge Middle Sch Mobridge
Freeman Davis Elem Mobridge
General Beadle Elem Mobridge
Montrose Elem Montrose
Montrose Hi Sch Montrose
Montrose Jr Hi Montrose
Orland Colony Montrose
Mt Vernon Elem Mount Vernon
Mt Vernon Hi Sch Mount Vernon
Mt Vernon Middle Sch Mount Vernon
Murdo Elem Murdo
Jones Co Hi Sch Murdo
Jones Co Jr Hi Murdo
Career & Tech Ed Campus Nemo
New Underwood Jr Hi New Underwood
Harmony Elem New Underwood
New Underwood Elem New Underwood
New Underwood Hi Sch New Underwood
Newell Elem Newell
Newell Hi Sch Newell
Newell Middle Sch Newell
Dakota Valley Elem North Sioux City
Dakota Valley Hi Sch North Sioux City
Dakota Valley Jr Hi North Sioux City
Dakota Valley Upper Elem North Sioux City
O'kreek Elem O'kreek
Oelrichs Elem Oelrichs
Oelrichs Hi Sch Oelrichs
Oelrichs Jr Hi Oelrichs
Spring Lake Colony Oldham
Onida Elem Onida
Sully Buttes Hi Sch Onida
Sully Buttes Jr Hi Onida
Polo Elem Orient
Parker Elem Parker
Parker Hi Sch Parker
Parker Jr Hi Parker
Old Elm Spring Colony Parkston
Parkston Elem Parkston
Parkston Hi Sch Parkston
Parkston Jr Hi Parkston
Our Home Parkston
He Dog Elem Parmelee
Philip Jr Hi Philip
Philip Elem Philip
Philip Hi Sch Philip
Alfalfa Valley Elem Philip
Cheyenne Elem Philip
Deep Creek Elem Philip
King Elem Philip
Ottumwa Elem Philip
Piedmont/stagebarn Elem Piedmont
Prairie View Elem Pierre
Buchanan Elem Pierre
Jefferson Elem Pierre
Mckinley Elem Pierre
T F Riggs Hi Sch Pierre
Georgia Morse Middle Sch Pierre
Raber Elem Pierre
Washington Elem Pierre
Wolf Creek Elem Pine Ridge
Plankinton Elem Plankinton
Plankinton Hi Sch Plankinton
Plankinton Jr Hi Plankinton
Cedar Grove Colony Platte
Platte Colony Platte
Platte Elem Platte
Platte Hi Sch Platte
La Rouche Elem Platte
Platte Jr Hi Platte
Union School Pollock
Pollock Elem Pollock
Pollock Hi Sch Pollock
Pollock Jr Hi Pollock
Rockyford Elem Porcupine
Presho Elem Presho
Lyman Hi Sch Presho
Oldham-ramona Hi Sch Ramona
Oldham-ramona Elem Ramona
Oldham-ramona Jr Hi Ramona
Southwest Middle Sch Rapid City
Stevens Hi Sch Rapid City
South Canyon Elem Rapid City
Dakota Middle Sch Rapid City
Central Hi Sch Rapid City
Woodrow Wilson Elem Rapid City
Kibben-kuster Rapid City
North Middle Sch Rapid City
South Middle Sch Rapid City
General Beadle Elem Rapid City
E B Bergquist Elem Rapid City
Black Hawk Elem Rapid City
Knollwood Heights Elem Rapid City
Canyon Lake Elem Rapid City
Robbinsdale Elem Rapid City
Corral Drive Elem Rapid City
Pinedale Elem Rapid City
Grandview Elem Rapid City
Meadowbrook Elem Rapid City
Horace Mann Elem Rapid City
West Middle Sch Rapid City
Rapid Valley Elem Rapid City
South Park Elem Rapid City
Valley View Elem Rapid City
Alternative Program Rapid City
Clark Colony Raymond
Redfield Elem Redfield
Redfield Hi Sch Redfield
Redfield Jr Hi Redfield
Gs Mickelson Alternative Redfield
Renberg Elem Renner
Grant-deuel Elem Revillo
Grant-deuel Hi Sch Revillo
Grant-deuel Jr Hi Revillo
Edmunds Central Hi Sch Roscoe
Edmunds Central Jr Hi Roscoe
Rosebud Elem Rosebud
Rosholt Elem Rosholt
Rosholt Hi Sch Rosholt
White Rock Colony Rosholt
Rosholt Jr Hi Rosholt
Roslyn Elem Roslyn
Roslyn Hi Sch Roslyn
Roslyn Jr Hi Roslyn
Rutland Elem Rutland
Rutland Hi Sch Rutland
Rutland Jr Hi Rutland
Mccook Central Elem Salem
Mccook Central Hi Sch Salem
Mccook Central Middle Sch Salem
Scotland Elem Scotland
Scotland Hi Sch Scotland
Scotland Jr Hi Scotland
Selby Hi Sch Selby
Selby Elem Selby
Selby Jr Hi Selby
Springfield Academy Sioux Falls
Chamberlain Academy Sioux Falls
Career Academy Sioux Falls
High Impact Sioux Falls
School For Deaf Hi Sioux Falls
School For Deaf Elem Sioux Falls
Joe Foss Alternative Sch Sioux Falls
Axtell Park Middle Sch Sioux Falls
Terry Redlin Elem Sioux Falls
Cleveland Elem Sioux Falls
Edison Middle Sch Sioux Falls
Eugene Field Elem Sioux Falls
Garfield Elem Sioux Falls
Harvey Dunn Elem Sioux Falls
Hayward Elem Sioux Falls
Horace Mann Elem Sioux Falls
Jane Addams Elem Sioux Falls
Jefferson Elem Sioux Falls
Laura B Anderson Elem Sioux Falls
Laura Wilder Elem Sioux Falls
Lincoln Hi Sch Sioux Falls
Longfellow Elem Sioux Falls
Lowell Elem Sioux Falls
Mark Twain Elem Sioux Falls
Patrick Henry Middle Sch Sioux Falls
Robert Frost Elem Sioux Falls
Summit Oaks-day Sioux Falls
Washington Hi Sch Sioux Falls
Whittier Middle Sch Sioux Falls
Anne Sullivan Elem Sioux Falls
Bridges At Jefferson Sioux Falls
Oscar Howe Elem Sioux Falls
Hawthorne Elem Sioux Falls
John F Kennedy Elem Sioux Falls
Roosevelt Hi Sch Sioux Falls
John Harris Elem Sioux Falls
Memorial Middle Sch Sioux Falls
Success Sioux Falls
Community Campus Sioux Falls
Flex Sioux Falls

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